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SubjectRe: Playing with SATA NCQ
Mark Lord schrieb:

> Erik Slagter wrote:>
>> Still I'd like to run in ACHI mode ;-)
> Me too! But from reading the ICH6 Intel docs,
> it seems that AHCI mode is only for true SATA drives.
> Or perhaps I've mis-read that part.
> Cheers
Well your're right NCQ i only a feature of SATA drives (native ones) not
like the SATA drives
that uses Marvell Brigde chip (orig. PATA) like Samsung SP80 SPxxxx series.
The new ones are real SATA drives. But some PATA devices and controllers
support TCQ.
There're surviral docs about this..also Jeff Garzik mentoined it on his
libata doc site.

Greets and best regards

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