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SubjectRe: Possible GPL Violation
On Mon, 2005-05-30 at 16:53 +0200, Måns Rullgård wrote:
> Carlos Silva <> writes:
> >> > The thing is that i asked for the kernel source they use in the
> >> > system and they said they can't give it since they have some
> >> > proprietary code in it, as far as i understood.
> >>
> >> If they use some modules of their own writing, the general agreement
> >> seems to be that they don't need to release the source code to those.
> >> They should still give you the kernel source they used, along with any
> >> patches they may have applied.
> >
> > I know this too. The thing is that they don't give me anything. They
> > only sell me the appliance, nothing more. :(
> All too common. You should begin by kindly pointing out what their
> obligations are, and if they fail to comply, switch to a harsher tone,
> and post your correspondence in a public place. I'm not certain that
> lkml is the proper place for this, but it may be the only place we
> have. If all else fails, slashdot them. That will probably also
> fail, but at least you can enjoy watching other people call them
> names.
I don't think that's the way to go... i aslready asked them in kindly
and harsher tone, so it's a dead end here.

> >> > I really don't know the proper way to report a GPL violation so i
> >> > thought this was a good place. If there is any question please feel
> >> > free to ask, i'll do my best to answer it.
> >>
> >> I'm having some problems myself with an STB manufacturer (Amino). The
> >> STB is running a Busybox/Montavista Linux of some kind, and I need to
> >> make some changes. To do this, they tell me I need the SDK, which is
> >> only available under NDA, and then only after purchasing a support
> >> contract for an ungodly number of dollars. Somehow, I get the feeling
> >> they are on thin ice here.
> >>
> > Panda uses debian in this appliance ;)
> That's a bit ironic, considering that Debian are among those tappreciatedhat take
> the "freedom" thing most seriously. Maybe you can get some ideas from
> the debian-legal list.
Probably they can point me to somewhere, but if someone in here knows
what should be done, i'll be appreciated.

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