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SubjectRe: ext3 issue..
Hi Davy.

On 5/3/05, Davy Durham <> wrote:
> I was thinking about delving into this problem a bit. I don't have any
> unpartitioned free space on my physical drive. I was going to ask if
> it's possible to create a virtual device in RAM or in a file that I
> could then create an ext3 file system on for testing.. I'm at least
> trying to recreate the situation of the negative diskspace usage.. then
> maybe try to debug ext3 a bit. At first I thought "oh RAMFS!", then "no
> wait, I couldn't create an EXT3 file system that way".. I need a
> non-physical (block? or character?) device.

It is called a ram disk. You might want to pass options to the kernel
to increase the size of the ramdisk.

Look under Documentation for ramdisk.txt in the linux source tree.
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