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Hi all,

here's the third hotfix for 2.4.30. It includes several fixes already
present in 2.4.31-rc1 (mostly security-related), and a few ones reported
very lately :

- a NULL dereference in serial.c found by Julien Tinnes which could lead
to an oops.

- an off-by-one in mtrr.c found by Brad Spengler and reported by J.Tinnes
which could lead to a panic.

- a few unchecked strcpy() in ipvs fixed in PaX which I'm not absolutely
sure are exploitable, but are definitely dirty and risky.

As usual, full and incremental patches for both 2.4.29 and 2.4.30, are
available here :

I've done a full make allmodconfig on both kernels to confirm they still
compile fine, but I've not booted them yet. For users of 2.4.29-hf9 and
2.4.30-hf2, an upgrade is quite recommended. Others might prefer to wait
for official 2.4.31 which we should see very soon now.

Detailed changelog appended.

Willy Tarreau

Changelog From 2.4.30-hf2 to 2.4.30-hf3 (semi-automated)
'+' = added ; '-' = removed

+ 2.4.30-ipvs-unchecked-strcpy-1.diff (the PaX team)

Replaced several unchecked strcpy() with strncpy().

+ 2.4.30-loop-off-by-one-1 (Julien Tinnes)

There is an obvious off by one bug in loop.c in kernel 2.4.

+ 2.4.30-rtnetlink-off-by-one-1 (Julien Tinnes)

[RTNETLINK]: Fix off-by-one error in rtnetlink.c

+ 2.4.30-random-poolsize-sysctl-fix-1 (Vasily Averin)

[PATCH] random poolsize sysctl fix
SWSoft Linux kernel Team has discovered that your patch which should fix a
random poolsize sysctl handler integer overflow, is wrong. You have changed
a variable definition in function proc_do_poolsize(), but you had to fix an
another function, poolsize_strategy()

+ 2.4.30-serial-null-dereference-1.diff (Julien Tinnes)

Potential null pointer dereference in serial driver.

+ 2.4.30-mtrr-off-by-one-1.diff (Brad Spengler/Julien Tinnes)

In mtrr_write(), if len==0, -1 is passed to copy_from_user(), which will
trigger BUG_ON((long)n < 0). Brad found it, Julien explained it to me.

+ 2.4.30-jfs_read_super-oops-1 (Mike Kasick)

[PATCH] JFS oops fix
Specifically, the kernel attempts to mount root with JFS first, and upon
aborting jfs_read_super(), the value of sbi->nls_tab is -1, a non-NULL
value that causes unload_nls() to be called on garbage data leading to a
NULL pointer dereference.

+ 2.4.30-usb-io_edgeport-oops-1 (Marcelo Tosatti)

USB: fix oops in io_edgeport.c driver (2.6 backport)

+ 2.4.30-stretch-ack-kills-performance-1 (David Miller)

[TCP]: Fix stretch ACK performance killer when doing ucopy.

When we are doing ucopy, we try to defer the ACK generation to
cleanup_rbuf(). This works most of the time very well, but if the
ucopy prequeue is large, this ACKing behavior kills performance.

+ 2.4.30-xfs-build-without-debug-1 (Christoph Hellwig)

[PATCH] XFS: fix compilation error
> 2.4.30 will not compile if XFS is turned on, but XFS debugging is not.
Looks like a trivial one-liner got lost when merging from the SGI CVS tree.
-- end --

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