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    SubjectProblem with concurrent SATA-Writes
    Hi All!

    I have a problem with two SATA-Discs. I have an onboard SIL3114 with
    four SATA-Ports an onboard NVIDIA with two SATA-Ports - both controllers
    are disable via BIOS (and are not detected by Linux)(only for this test
    of course - normally I have other HDD on this ports). The only
    controller that is found is the add-on controller in a PCI-Slot
    (SIL3112). And that is the one I have trouble with.

    If I read or write (via dd) from the first one -> no problems. Same
    when read or write from the second or when I read (only read!) from both
    at the same time. Data-Transfer-Rate is around 45MB/s for one HDD.

    The problem occures when I try to write on both discs at the same time.
    For example I write /dev/zero to the first one and then start to write
    /dev/zero to the second one. The System-Load goes up to 4 with nearly
    100% io-wait and nearly no really write-access to the drives.

    Any hints?

    - no errormessages in syslog
    - happens with Kernel and with 2.6.12-rc5
    - HDDs are Samsung Spinpoint 200GB
    - (I use the SCSI-SATA-Drivers)
    - anything else you need?


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