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    SubjectRe: [OT] Joerg Schilling flames Linux on his Blog
    On Thu, 26 May 2005 09:45:01 +0600, Alexander E. Patrakov wrote:

    > That list would be device-dependent. See two examples below.
    > 1) cdrecord uses some Sony proprietary commands instead of standard MMC ones
    > if the drive seems to be made by Sony. What is the effect of those Sony
    > commands on non-Sony drives?
    > 2) I have the following DVD-ROM + CD-RW combo drive:
    > 'PHILIPS ' 'CDD5301 ' 'P1.2'
    > Originally, I bought it with the 'B1.1' firmware revision. This drive with old
    > firmware is a security hole by itself: if one calls cdrecord dev=/dev/hdd
    > -dao some-image.iso, the drive will enter some strange mode at the end. In
    > particular, it will flash its light randomly, will never give the CD back
    > (waited 15 minutes), and will prevent communication with /dev/hdc until I
    > power off the computer (pressing Reset is not enough). Burning CDs with -raw
    > switch instead of -dao works. With newer firmware, -dao doesn't lock up the
    > drive, but still results in damaged CDs.
    > Also this drive always silently produces CDs with a lot of wrong bits (but a
    > useless and broken image can still be read with dd or readcd) when BurnFree
    > is off.
    > So this filter, if it is in the kernel, should forbid commands specific to SAO
    > burning for this drive _and_ also return a modified list of capabilities for
    > this drive (i.e. say that this drive _cannot_ burn in SAO mode).
    > Isn't this too much knowledge for the kernel?

    Isn't this exactly the knowledge the kernel, not the apps, should
    have? What if I wanted to use a different CD burning program? Why
    should we have duplicate knowledge about the hardware?

    Do you picture every PCI-accessing userland program to have its own
    copy of pciids & relative knowledge?

    Giuseppe "Oblomov" Bilotta

    "I weep for our generation" -- Charlie Brown

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