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Subject[patch 0/9] smsc-ircc2: sysfs, suspend and other patches
[ This is a resend. I apologize if you already received copy of these


The following patches attempt to convert smsc-ircc2 driver to the new
power management scheme by registering driver/device as platform device.
Additionally, suspend and resume methods were adjusted to keep network
device open and not release IRQ/DMA upon suspend to make sure that they
will still be available at resume time (IRQ and DMA simply disabled when
suspending). Plus there some less significant cleanups.

The resulting driver loads on my laptop and survives swsusp suspend/resume
cycle. Borrowed windows laptop recognizes and is being recognzed when
moved into vicinity of the box. Unfortunately I was not able to test any
higher-level protocols because IRDA connection would not stay on, but
it is the same with the original driver as well.

I would appreciate if owners of laptops with this chip could give these
patches a try. Thanks!

- whitespace fixes

- some formatting changes for better readability

- remove homegrown DIM macro in favor of ARRAY_SIZE, fix out-of-bounds
array access

- drop some typedefs, use 'struct blah' instead

- do not pass around iobase, it is available from smsc_ircc_cb structure

- add smsc-ircc2 to sysfs/driver model as platform device/driver,
switch to the new PM scheme.

- avoid closing interface in suspend methods - it will cause IRQ/DMA be
released and they may not be availabe at resume.

- switch to using netdev_priv().

- avoid using void * pointers where specific type will do.


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