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SubjectRe: [patch 1/4] Kprobes support for IA64
On Mon, 23 May 2005 08:39:07 -0700, 
Anil S Keshavamurthy <> wrote:
>This patch adds the kdebug die notification mechanism needed by Kprobes.
> case 0: /* unknown error (used by GCC for __builtin_abort()) */
>+ if (notify_die(DIE_BREAK, "kprobe", regs, break_num, TRAP_BRKPT, SIGTRAP)
>+ == NOTIFY_STOP) {
>+ return;
>+ }
> die_if_kernel("bugcheck!", regs, break_num);
> sig = SIGILL; code = ILL_ILLOPC;
> break;

Nit pick. Any break instruction in a B slot will set break_num 0, so
you cannot tell if the break was inserted by kprobe or by another
debugger. Setting the string to "kprobe" is misleading here, change it
to "break 0".

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