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    SubjectRe: RT patch acceptance
    K.R. Foley wrote:

    > There are definitely those who would prefer to have the functionality,
    > at least as an option, in the mainline kernel. The group that I contract
    > for get heartburn about having to patch every kernel running on every
    > development workstation and every production system. We need hard RT,
    > but currently when we have to have hard RT we go with a different
    > product.

    Well, yes. There are lots of things Linux isn't suited for.
    There are likewise a lot of patches that SGI would love to
    get into the kernel so it runs better on their 500+ CPU
    systems. My point was just that a new functionality/feature
    doesn't by itself justify being included in the

    > Another thing that some of us want/need is a hard real-time
    > Linux that doesn't create the segregation that most of these specialized
    > products create. Currently there are damn few choices for real posix
    > applications development with hard RT requirements running in a Unix
    > environment.

    Maybe there are damn few because it is hard to get right within
    the framework of a general posix environment. Or maybe its
    because it has a comparatively small userbase (compared to say
    mid/small servers and desktops). Which are neither completely
    invalid reasons against its inclusion in Linux.

    But I want to be clear that I haven't read or thought about the
    code in question too much, and I don't have any opinions on it
    yet. So please nobody involve me in a flamewar about it :)


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