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    Subject[DVB patch 0/5] DVB update, mostly dvb-usb
    Hi Andrew,

    Here's another update for DVB. Two of the patches are
    huge (sigh), one drops the dibusb driver, and the
    other adds a generalized dvb-usb driver. Both dibusb
    and dvb-usb were written by Patrick Boettcher, and
    dvb-usb is a refactored version of the dibusb driver,
    extended to support a whole zoo of devices.
    Unforunately the dvb-usb patch comes with some
    incompatible changes to the dibcom frontend drivers,
    so we can't have both the dibusb and the dvb-usb drivers.

    The dvb-usb driver has been in CVS for more than a
    month and is considered stable by its author.

    The two big patches probably exceed the mailing list
    limit and are also available here:

    Please apply.


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