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SubjectRe: [OT] Joerg Schilling flames Linux on his Blog/cdrecord replacement
I don't want to pour gasoline on an incipient flame war, but
my two points here are:

SUN uses RPM internally, but continues to insist its Solaris
customers countinue to put up with pkg*, which makes system
administration of solaris a nightmare after a while especially
when mixed in with binary patches and patch dependancies with
major vendors like Oracle, SAP and Veritas and all of this
brings the Solaris admin/developer no benefit at all.

RPM is free software so SUN could just use it, and if they
did the major platform vendors would in a New York minute.

And SUN do this so they can sell the Update Service

There was little wrong with cdrecord until DVDs came out and
H Schilling decided to take DVD PRO private and became petty
about his build system, smake, and others extending a fork
of cdrecord to support DVDs; which was done by both SuSE and
Debian -- but with weird add in Copyright, and you can't change
this, and "Inofficial Version" junk from Schilling.

And then there was the Solaris/Linux flames, and most of us
just got tired of all the hassle, I just wanted to write
DVD-R and DVD-ROM media.

After wasting a lot of time and coasters I note that

dvdrtools from ''

the dvd+rw package from

both work well, and without any hassle, and now use DVD+RW
which, now, writes all formats of DVD

so I _nolonger_care_ about Schilling, smake, cdrecord or
his Linux flames, since the fact that DVD+RW can, reliably
write DVDs and even DVD PRO can't means to me that there is
nothing wrong with Linux and something wrong with cdrecord.

Or am I missing something here?

Andrew Haninger wrote:
>>... flames the LKML about how Linux breaks cdrecord
>>(instead of just admitting cdrecord is broken)
> I've always used cdr-tools on Linux and Windows since it is the
> only/best tool for mastering CDs. It takes the installation of Joerg's
> library, but after that, it's worked wonderfully. This is even the
> tool that is suggested by the HOWTOs that newbies are told to read. It
> has always appeared to me that it was the only/best tool.

See above

> (This is really only a half-sarcastic reply. I really would like to
> know if there's a better tool. However, I'm also trying to point out
> that Joerg's software seems to be all that can be used at the moment
> and so it's hard for me as a humble end-user to really care if his
> software is broken since it works.)

mit freundlichen Grüßen, Brian.

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