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    SubjectRe: False "lost ticks" on dual-Opteron system (=> timer twice as fast)
    Bernd Paysan <> wrote:
    >>I've recently set up a dual Opteron RAID server (AMD-8000-based Tyan
    >>Thunder K8S Pro SCSI board, 2 246 Opterons, stepping 10). Kernel is a
    >>modified from SuSE 9.3 (SMP version, sure). The Opterons
    >>are capable of changing the CPU frequency (between 1GHz and 2GHz).
    >>What I can't believe is that I'm the only one who has this problem.

    Hendrik Visage wrote:
    > I'll be delving deeper into this thread soon, but I'm seeing similar
    > strangeness
    > on a Athlon64 (rated:3G+ real:2009MHz clock), 2.6.11-r8 (gentoo), MSI
    > K8N Neo Platinum.
    > ntp syncs time, then I start a couple of compiles, and I see ntp
    > losing track of time, big jitter etc. (and the one time source is in
    > on the local LAN syncing to the same remote servers). openntp I
    > noticed it also.
    > What I have noticed in my dmesg output is that I see "lost timer ticks
    > CPU Frequency change?" messages very early in the boot up.
    > I've seen this for about a week or three, and somehow I believe it
    > wasn't a problem before 2.6.11.

    I *don't* have any timer problems running 2.6.11-r8 (gentoo) on a dual
    Opteron 250 system using a Tyan K8W 2885. Perhaps the problem is that
    the two of you are running SCSI main drives, and I'm not?


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