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Subject[PATCHSET] namei fixes
	OK, here comes a patch series that hopefully should close all
too-early-mntput() races in fs/namei.c. Entire area is convoluted as
hell, so I'm splitting that series into _very_ small chunks.

Patches alread in the tree close only (very wide) races in following
symlinks (see "busy inodes after umount" thread some time ago). Unfortunately,
quite a few narrower races of the same nature were not closed. Hopefully
this should take care of all of them.

Please, review and test. It survives local beating and AFAICS
it's correct, but that's a hell of a critical area. Extra eyes would
be very welcome.

Patches will be sent in separate mails; they are also available on*. Series is based at 2.6.12-rc4
and yes, there are 19 patches in it.
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