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    SubjectRe: Disk write cache (Was: Hyper-Threading Vulnerability)
    On May 17, 2005, at 09:15:52, Bill Davidsen wrote:
    > What would be ideal is some cache which didn't depend on power to
    > maintain
    > state, like core (remember core?) or the bubble memory which spent
    > almost
    > a decade being just slightly too {slow,costly} to replace disk. There
    > doesn't seem to be a cost effective technology yet.

    I've seen some articles recently on a micro-punchcard technology that
    grids of thousands of miniature needles and sheets of polymer plastic
    can be melted at somewhat low temperatures to create or remove
    in the plastic. The device can read and write each position at a
    very high
    rate, and since there are several thousand bits per position, with
    one bit
    for each needle, the bandwidth is enormous. (And it scales linearly
    the size of the device, too!) Purportedly these grids can be easily
    with slight modifications to modern semiconductor etching
    technologies, and
    the polymer plastic is reasonably simple to manufacture, so the
    cost per device is hundreds of times cheaper than today's drives.
    they have significantly higher memory density than current hardware
    due to
    fewer relativistic and quantum effects (no magnetism).

    Kyle Moffett

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