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SubjectRe: Does smp_reschedule_interrupt really reschedule?

* Steven Rostedt <> wrote:

> In finish_task_switch, we have:
> #if defined(CONFIG_PREEMPT_RT) && defined(CONFIG_SMP)
> /*
> * If we pushed an RT task off the runqueue,
> * then kick other CPUs, they might run it:
> */
> if (unlikely(rt_task(current) && prev->array && rt_task(prev))) {
> rt_overload_schedule++;
> smp_send_reschedule_allbutself();
> }
> #endif
> Here's my question, where does CPU1 get need_resched set? As
> discussed earlier, smp_send_reschedule_allbutself doesn't do it.

hm, you are right - the 'kick other CPUs' portion of RT-overload
handling (which is a new scheduler feature currently being tested in the
-RT kernel) is missing this step. So we might as well force a reschedule
from the IPI handler - the way you suggested it. We might overdo
scheduling a bit, but it cannot hurt - and it will definitely make a
difference for the case where an RT task is waiting to be run.

the vanilla kernel is not affected.

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