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    SubjectRe: [RCF] [PATCH] unprivileged mount/umount
    Miklos Szeredi wrote:
    > > > > How about a new clone option "CLONE_NOSUID"?
    > > >
    > > > IMO, the clone call ist the wrong place to create namespaces. It should be
    > > > deprecated by a mkdir/chdir-like interface.
    > >
    > > And the mkdir/chdir interface already exists, see "cd /proc/NNN/root".
    > That's the chdir part.
    > The mkdir part is clone() or unshare().
    > How else do you propose to create new namespaces?

    This is not a proposal - I'm not saying it's pretty - but a suggestion
    that you can use today.

    Use clone(), and then have the child task open "/" and pass that file
    descriptor back to the parent process using a unix socket. The child
    can exit and the parent can use the new namespace how it likes. Short
    and sweet, and you can create as many namespaces as you like :)

    That's mkdir done.

    You can't do a lot with the new namespace, because of the security
    restrictions on mount() on a foreign namespace. That's what I meant
    about the "small fixes" - get rid of the current->namespace checks and
    it'll be usable.

    I don't see the purpose of current->namespace and the associated mount
    restrictions at all. I asked Al Viro what it's for, but haven't seen
    a reply :( IMHO current->namespace should simply be removed, because the
    "current namespace" is represented just fine by

    -- Jamie
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