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SubjectRe: [patch] properly stop devices before poweroff

> > Without this patch, Linux provokes emergency disk shutdowns and
> > similar nastiness. It was in SuSE kernels for some time, IIRC.
> >
> > Signed-off-by: Pavel Machek <>
> Hi Pavel,
> Although I like using pm_message_t, I'm not sure if we want to commit to only
> PMSG_SUSPEND and PMSG_FREEZE for shutdown and reboot. Would it be possible
> to create a PMSG_HALT and PMSG_REBOOT? I think this would give drivers more
> control and flexability to make the right decision. What is your opinion?
> Of course, I'm still considering the posibility that we really want to do
> PMSG_SUSPEND on a shutdown. This may work ok on X86, I'm not sure about other
> architectures.

Thats okay, nobody really knows yet. I believe that SUSPEND and HALT
are very similar, and flags best way to separate them. I believe that
FREEZE and REBOOT are very similar, too, and again would use flags to
tell between them.

> I know you mentioned previously adding more flags and data to pm_message_t,
> what exactly are your plans?

First I want type checking for pm_message_t. That's 2.6.12-early
material. Then, when it is *really clear* that flags are needed, I'll
add them. "really needed" as in "we have a driver where it matters".
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