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SubjectRe: [2.6 patch] kernel/rcupdate.c: make the exports EXPORT_SYMBOL_GPL
On Sun, Mar 27, 2005 at 04:34:54PM +0200, Adrian Bunk wrote:
> Due to the patent situation at least in the USA, the exports of
> kernel/rcupdate.c should be EXPORT_SYMBOL_GPL.

Based on -what- line of reasoning??? The obvious ones do not apply
to this situation.

These need to be put back. Moving them to GPL -- but in a measured
manner, as I proposed on this list some months ago -- is fine. Changing
these particular exports precipitously is most definitely -not- fine.
Here is my earlier proposal:

See below for a patch that puts the exports back, along with an updated
version of my earlier patch that starts the process of moving them to GPL.
I will also be following this message with RFC patches that introduce
two (EXPORT_SYMBOL_GPL) interfaces to replace synchronize_kernel(),
which then becomes deprecated.

Andrew, please apply.

Thanx, Paul

Signed-off-by: <>

diff -urpN -X ../dontdiff linux-2.5-notyet/kernel/rcupdate.c linux-2.5/kernel/rcupdate.c
--- linux-2.5-notyet/kernel/rcupdate.c Sat Apr 2 17:15:14 2005
+++ linux-2.5/kernel/rcupdate.c Sat Apr 2 07:54:30 2005
@@ -465,6 +465,6 @@ void synchronize_kernel(void)

module_param(maxbatch, int, 0);
+EXPORT_SYMBOL(call_rcu); /* WARNING: GPL-only in April 2006. */
+EXPORT_SYMBOL(call_rcu_bh); /* WARNING: GPL-only in April 2006. */
+EXPORT_SYMBOL(synchronize_kernel); /* WARNING: GPL-only in April 2006. */
diff -urpN -X ../dontdiff linux-2.5-2005.04.02/Documentation/feature-removal-schedule.txt linux-2.5-2005.04.02-01/Documentation/feature-removal-schedule.txt
--- linux-2.5-2005.04.02/Documentation/feature-removal-schedule.txt Sat Apr 2 07:48:46 2005
+++ linux-2.5-2005.04.02-01/Documentation/feature-removal-schedule.txt Sat Apr 2 21:16:24 2005
@@ -15,3 +15,16 @@ Why: It has been unmaintained for a numb
against the LSB, and can be replaced by using udev.
Who: Greg Kroah-Hartman <>

+When: April 2006
+Files: include/linux/rcupdate.h, kernel/rcupdate.c
+Why: Outside of Linux, the only implementations of anything even
+ vaguely resembling RCU that I am aware of are in DYNIX/ptx,
+ VM/XA, Tornado, and K42. I do not expect anyone to port binary
+ drivers or kernel modules from any of these, since the first two
+ are owned by IBM and the last two are open-source research OSes.
+ So these will move to GPL after a grace period to allow
+ people, who might be using implementations that I am not aware
+ of, to adjust to this upcoming change.
+Who: Paul E. McKenney <>
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