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    SubjectRe: Git-commits mailing list feed.

    On Sat, 23 Apr 2005, Sean wrote:
    > Okay now you're just being difficult <g> You're acting like it's
    > impossible for git to grab the SHA1 out of the clear text message if there
    > is signing overhead above the tag reference. That is nonesense.

    No. It's not "impossible" for git to parse crap. But git won't.

    There are two ways you can write programs:
    - reliably
    - unreliably

    and I do the first one. That means that a program I write does something
    _repeatable_. It does the same thing, regardless of whether a human
    happened to write "REF:" in the comment section, or anything else.

    The thing is, great programs come not out of great coding, but out of
    great data structures. The whole git philosophy bases itself on getting
    the data structure right.

    And what you are asking for is doing it _wrong_. So in git I don't just
    parse random free-form text and guess that a line that starts with REF: is
    a reference to a commit. It has very rigid and well-specified data
    structures, and that's how you make reliable programs.

    I don't care what anybody else does on top of git, but dammit, I'll make
    sure that the core infrastructure is designed the right way.

    And that means that we don't guess, and that we don't parse random ASCII
    blobs. It means that we have very very fixed formats so that programs can
    either do the right thing or unambiguously say "that's crap".

    I've said it before, and I'll say it again: we have enough crap that calls
    itself SCM's out there already. I want git to be reliable and _simple_,
    not a collection of crap that just happens to work.

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