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SubjectRe: FUSYN and RT
Sven Dietrich wrote:
>>> /** A fuqueue, a prioritized wait queue usable from
>>kernel space. */
>>> struct fuqueue {
>>> spinlock_t lock;
>>> struct plist wlist;
>>> struct fuqueue_ops *ops;
>>> };
>>Would the above spinlock_t be a raw_spinlock_t? This goes
>>back to my first question. I'm not sure how familiar you are
>>with Ingo's work, but he has turned all spinlocks into
>>mutexes, and when you really need an original spinlock, you
>>declare it with raw_spinlock_t.
> This one probably should be a raw_spinlock.
> This lock is only held to protect access to the queues.
> Since the queues are already priority ordered, there is
> little benefit to ordering -the order of insertion-
> in case of contention on a queue, compared with the complexity.

The choice of lock type should derive from both the calling
context and the length of time the lock is expected to be held.


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