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SubjectRe: DVD writer and IDE support...
On Wed, Apr 13, 2005 at 09:07:56PM +0200, wrote:
> It's with

Probably close to the 2.6.11 kernel I run on Debian-pure64/sarge.

> Dunno yet. What's the fastest way to dump a file to a (fs on) a blank
> 4.7 GB DVD RW? As I said this is not my home turf so I have to read
> up on the commands to use (I guess I'm not dd'ing an iso image to
> /dev/hdc...)

growisofs -Z /dev/hdc -J -R /path/to/dir/with/less/than/4.5GB/of/files

That should do it. To do scsi I suspect it would be /dev/sg0 or
/dev/scd0. I haven't actually tried burning in scsi emulation mode with
these drives.

growisofs is part of dvd+rw-tools. It will autoformat the disc if

Len Sorensen
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