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SubjectRe: [Crosspost] GNU/Linux userland?
On Wednesday 13 April 2005 20:40, Oliver Korpilla wrote:
> Hello!
> I wondered if there is a project or setup that does allow me to build a
> GNU/Linux userland including kernel, build environment, basic tools with
> a single script just as you can in NetBSD ( or FreeBSD (make
> world).
> I do not refer to a step-by-step instruction like "Linux From Scratch"
> (which I do find commendable, but is not quite the same), but an
> automated, cross-compilation aware foundation for a Linux system.

Heretix does everything except cross-compile. It's a complete rewrite of rubyx
( but doesn't have its own website yet. Discussion is
happening on the rubyx ML. Cross compilation support would be a simple
extension to Heretix, if you fancy a project :)

Andrew Walrond
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