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    SubjectRe: Exploit in 2.6 kernels
    On Tue, 2005-04-12 at 14:08 -0700, Chris Wright wrote:
    > * John M Collins ( wrote:
    > > Thanks to everyone for the pointers on this one I've rebuilt the kernels
    > > and we'll see what happens.
    > BTW, I'd recommend updating to so that you're protected from
    > another local root exploit.

    I'll do that - trouble is round where I am they dish out Nvidia cards
    like confetti, I've got them in the machine I use most and another 2 and
    you have to do all that gyrating with running the script to FTP down and
    build the secret module before you can run X. This is a big disincentive
    when it comes to installing new kernels.

    I wish some kind soul would speak nicely to Nvidia and get them to see
    reason on the point but I suspect I'm not the first person to wish that.
    (Or is there a sneaky way of patching the modules so they'll work in
    another kernel without tainting it?).

    John Collins Xi Software Ltd Tel: +44 (0)1707 886110
    (Direct) +44 (0)7799 113162 (Mobile)

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