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SubjectRe: Processes stuck on D state on Dual Opteron
Claudio Martins wrote:
> On Sunday 10 April 2005 03:47, Andrew Morton wrote:
>>Suggest you boot with `nmi_watchdog=0' to prevent the nmi watchdog from
>>cutting in during long sysrq traces.
>>Also, capture the `sysrq-m' output so we can see if the thing is out of
> Hi Andrew,
> Thanks for the tip. I booted with nmi_watchdog=0 and was able to get a full
> sysrq-t as well as a sysrq-m. Since it might be a little too big for the
> list, I've put it on a text file at:

OK, you _may_ be out of memory here (depending on what the lower zone
protection for DMA ends up as), however you are well above all the
"emergency watermarks" in ZONE_NORMAL. Also:

> I also made a run with the mempool-can-fail patch from Nick Piggin. With this
> I got some nice memory allocation errors from the md threads when the trouble
> started. The dump (with sysrq-t and sysrq-m included) is at:

This one shows plenty of memory. The allocation failure messages are
actually a good thing, and show that my patch is sort of working. I
have reworked it a bit so they won't show up though.

So probably not your common or garden memory deadlock.

The common theme seems to be: try_to_free_pages, swap_writepage,
mempool_alloc, down/down_failed in Next I would suspect
md/raid1 - maybe some deadlock in an uncommon memory allocation
failure path?

I'll see if I can reproduce it here.

SUSE Labs, Novell Inc.

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