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SubjectRe: Re: [ANNOUNCE] git-pasky-0.1

On Sun, 10 Apr 2005, Petr Baudis wrote:
> It turns out to be the forks for doing all the cuts and such what is
> bogging it down so awfully (doing diff-tree takes 0.48s ;-). I do about
> 15 forks per change, I guess, and for some reason cut takes a long of
> time on its own.


Can you pull my current repo, which has "diff-tree -R" that does what the
name suggests, and which should be faster than the 0.48 sec you see..

It may not matter a lot, since actually generating the diff from the file
contents is what is expensive, but remember my goal: I want the expense of
a diff-tree to be relative to the size of the diff, so that implies that
small diffs haev to be basically instantaenous. So I care.

So I just tried the 2.6.7->2.6.8 diff, and for me the new recursive
"diff-tree" can generate the _list_ of files changed in zero time:

real 0m0.079s
user 0m0.067s
sys 0m0.024s

but then _doing_ the diff is pretty expensive (in this case 3800+ files
changed, so you have to unpack 7600+ objects - and even unpacking isn't
the expensive part, the expense is literally in the diff operation

Me, the stuff I automate is the small steps. Doing a single checkin. So
that's the case I care about going fast, when a "diff-tree" will likely
have maybe five files or something. That's why I want the small
incremental cases to go fast - it it takes me a minute to generate a diff
for a _release_, that's not a big deal. I make one release every other
month, but I work with lots of small patches all the time.

Anyway, with a fast diff-tree, you should be able to generate the list of
objects for a fast "merge". That's next.

(And by "merge", I of course mean "suck". I'm talking about the old CVS
three-way merge, and you have to specify the common parent explicitly and
it won't handle any renames or any other crud. But it would get us to
something that might actually be useful for simple things. Which is why
"diff-tree" is important - it gives the information about what to tell

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