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    SubjectRe: Page Fault Scalability patch V19 [4/4]: Drop use of page_table_lock in do_anonymous_page
    On Wed, 10 Mar 2005, Andi Kleen wrote:

    > > Changing the type for the countedrs is possible by only changing the
    > > definition of MM_COUNTER_T in include/sched.h. I would prefer to wait
    > > until atomic64_t is available on all 64 bit platforms before making that
    > > part of this patch.
    > Well, they will not move until someone uses it (especially parisc
    > and sh64 which always are quite out of sync in mainline). ppc64
    > usually moves quickly.

    Hmm. I could add that with

    #ifdef ATOMIC64_INIT





    > But adding arbitary limits like this even temporarily is imho
    > a bad idea.

    Hmmm yes this could actually develop to be an issue for us. Columbia has
    20 Terabytes of memory (some rumors have it that it get up to 500TB but
    maybe that was just a journalist). But Columbia has only 1TB per 512
    CPU cluster addressable directly. So even the biggest box in existence
    right now will be fine with V19.

    But V20 will definitely support atomic64.

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