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    SubjectRe: BUG: Slowdown on 3000 socket-machines tracked down
    Ben Greear wrote:
    > Nick Piggin wrote:
    >> Ben Greear wrote:

    >> In that case, writing the network only test would help to confirm the
    >> problem is not a networking one - so not useless by any means.
    > It's not trivial to write something like this :)
    > I'll be using something I already have. If I can't reproduce the problem,
    > then perhaps it is due to sendfile and someone can write a customized
    > test. The main reason I offered is because people are ignoring the
    > bug report for the most part and asking for a test case. I may be able
    > to offer an independent verification of the problem which might convince
    > someone to write up a dedicated test case...

    OK, no that sounds good, please do make the test case.

    I have actually been following up with Christian regarding
    the disk IO / memory management side of things but the thread
    has gone offline for some reason :\

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