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    SubjectVanilla kernel >=2.4.28-rc2 incompatibility with ADSL modem Dlink DSL-G300+
    I found a problem having to to with the plain vanilla 2.4.28-rc2 and
    2.4.29 kernels when I try to use a Dlink DSL-300G+ ethernet ADSL modem
    on a SS5 machine.

    The domain "" is running on a Sun SparcStation 5 machine,
    equipped with a Micro-SPARCII, 85 MHz processor. This machine has beeing
    running the domain (web, smtp, ssh, imap, telnet, gopher, finger,
    auth/ident, dns) for a year. The machine has two "le" (10 base T)
    ethernet ports, one is connected to the ADSL modem, the other to the LAN.
    The OS is Debian stable (Woody, 3.0).
    The kernel is a plain vanilla one, downloaded from with no patches applied to it.

    The problem showed up after updating to kernel 2.4.28: the ADSL
    connection would never outlive the fifteenth minute. Even though the
    modem still sensed the ADSL carrier and could be reached into its
    web-based internal control panel over the same ethernet connection that
    served the data exchanged with the ISP, after fifteen minutes it could
    first reach the ISP gateway the connection failed and no packets could
    be neither sent nor received with any host outside the LAN. The
    connection would be available again after a period varying from a few
    minutes to several hours, three quarters of an hour on the average.
    A script that was let running from Jannuary 18th to February 3rd (data
    from Jannuary 29th was lost) produced the following data: ("riuscito" = success, "fallito" =
    failed) ("persa" = lost
    [connection], "tornata" = [coonection is] back)

    I tried changing the wiring, I swapped the ethernet ports the LAN and
    ADSL modem where connected to, I swapped the modem with an identical one
    from a colleague of mine, I upgraded to kernel 2.4.29 all to no avail.
    I then tried the 2.4.28-rc{1,2,3} kernels, and I found the 2.4.28-rc1
    not to exhibit the problem, that manifests itself on the 2.4.28-rc{2,3}
    The problem is sparc-specific, a PC with the very same configuration
    (Debian stable, plain vanilla kernels etc.) did not suffer any
    connection drops.

    Alessandro Selli
    Tel: 340.839.73.05
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