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    SubjectRe: forkbombing Linux distributions
    On Wed, 2005-03-30 at 19:40 +0200, Jacek Łuczak wrote:
    > Hi
    > I made some tests and almost all Linux distros brings down while freebsd
    > survive!Forkbombing is a big problem but i don't think that something like
    > max_threads = mempages / (16 * THREAD_SIZE / PAGE_SIZE);
    > is good solution!!!
    > How about add max_user_threads to the kernel? It could be tunable via
    > proc filesystem. Limit is set only for users.
    > I made a fast:) patch - see below - and test it on 2.6.11,
    > 2.6.11ac4, great!!!New forks are stoped in
    > copy_process() before dup_task_struct() and EAGAIN is returned. System
    > works without any problems and root can killall -9 forkbomb.

    I really liked this approach because:

    * it is similar to other *nixes. (freebsd, openbsd)

    * it is easily tuneable (/proc or systcl)

    * it is stupid simple - small chance that things can go wrong.

    * this solves *many* things in comparation to possible problems it

    Only thing that could be a problem that I come to think of is that you
    cannot raise the limit through /etc/security/limits.conf or similar. Eg.
    you migh want all setuid() services/daemons run with a low limit but you
    want give user Bob more processes. (I don't know if this is a realistic
    situation though)

    The default value could be something like:

    max_user_threads = max_threads / 2


    max_user_threads = max_threads / 4;

    With a lower limit to 20 or something, just like max_threads (in case
    you try run Linux on 2MiB RAM)

    If a fixed value (like 300, 512, 2000) is used then will probably
    systems with low amount of RAM be vulerable to the forkbomb attack.

    Natanael Copa

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