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SubjectRe: RFD: Kernel release numbering
Greg KH <> wrote:
> > It's perfectly workable from a BK standpoint to do
> >
> > -> linux-2.6 commit
> > -> cpcset into linux-2.6.X.Y [see Documentation/BK-usage/cpcset]
> > -> pull from linux-2.6.X.Y into linux-2.6 [dups cset, but no
> > real code change]
> That's fine with me to do. As long as someone points out to $sucker
> that such a patch should go into 2.6.x.y.

That's the only way it _can_ work. The maintainer of 2.6.x.y shouldn't be
put in a position of having to locate the patches which he needs.

Like it or not, Vojtech is still the maintainer of the input system in
2.6.x.y and he should be the primary guy who keeps an eye out for patches
which needs to be applied there.

If we go overboard here, every maintainer will end up maintaining
another tree of "stuff which needs to be backported to 2.6.x.y", which is
probably more work than we want to do.

As long as we can keep it down to "small and really critical things" then
it should work OK.

Ideally, the 2.6.x.y maintainer wouldn't need any particular kernel
development skills - it's just patchmonkeying the things which maintainers
send him.
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