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SubjectRe: RFD: Kernel release numbering
Rather than mixing problem and solution, let me just define the two 
problems in this thread:

1) There is no clear, CONSISTENT point where "bugfixes only" begins.
Right now, it could be -rc2, -rc3, -rc4... who knows.

We need to send a clear signal to users "this is when you can really
start hammering it." A signal that does not change from release to
release. A signal that does not require intimate knowledge of the
kernel devel process.

This is a key reason why we don't get more pre-release testing.

2) After 2.6.11 release is out, there is no established process for "oh
shit, 2.6.11 users will really want that fixed."


Linus's even/odd proposal is an example of a solution for problem #2, as
is my 2.6.X.Y proposal.

The 2.4.x series -pre/-rc is an example of a solution for problem #1.


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