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    SubjectRE: [PATCH 0/5] timers: description
    Oleg Nesterov wrote on March 19, 2005 17:28:48
    > These patches are updated version of 'del_timer_sync: proof of
    > concept' 2 patches.

    I changed schedule_timeout() to call the new del_timer_sync instead of
    currently del_singleshot_timer_sync in attempt to stress these set of
    patches a bit more and I just observed a kernel hang.

    The symptom starts with lost network connectivity. It looks like the
    entire ethernet connections were gone, followed by blank screen on the
    console. I'm not sure whether it is a hard or soft hang, but system
    is inaccessible (blank screen and no network connection). I'm forced
    to do a reboot when that happens.

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