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    Subject[7/*] [CRYPTO] Kill obsolete iv check in cbc_process()

    Here's some more optimisations plus a bug fix for a pathological case
    where in_place might not be set correctly which can't happen with any
    of the current users. Here is the first one:

    We have long since stopped using a null cit_iv as a means of doing null
    encryption. In fact it doesn't work here anyway since we need to copy
    src into dst to achieve null encryption.

    No user of cbc_encrypt_iv/cbc_decrypt_iv does this either so let's just
    get rid of this check which is sitting in the fast path.

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    ===== cipher.c 1.24 vs edited =====
    --- 1.24/crypto/cipher.c 2005-03-21 18:41:41 +11:00
    +++ edited/cipher.c 2005-03-22 21:28:00 +11:00
    @@ -145,11 +145,7 @@
    cryptfn_t fn, int enc, void *info)
    u8 *iv = info;
    - /* Null encryption */
    - if (!iv)
    - return;
    if (enc) {
    tfm->crt_u.cipher.cit_xor_block(iv, src);
    fn(crypto_tfm_ctx(tfm), dst, iv);
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