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    SubjectRe: current linus bk, error mounting root

    (Adds lots of cc's. I trust that's OK).

    Jon Smirl <> wrote:
    > No, I think Jens wants all of the distributions to fix it. I have
    > filed a bug with Fedora on it.
    > Something changed in the timing for loading drivers during boot. You
    > used to be able to do:
    > modprobe ata_piix
    > mount /dev/sda1
    > Now you have to do this:
    > modprobe ata_piix
    > sleep 1
    > mount /dev/sda1
    > I suspect the problem is that udev doesn't get a chance to run anymore.
    > The sleep 1 allows it to run and it creates /dev/sda1.
    > Build ata_piix in and the problem goes away too.
    > Jens is right that this is a user space issue, but how many people are
    > going to find this out the hard way when their root drives stop
    > mounting. Since no one is complaining I have to assume that most
    > kernel developers have their root device drivers built into the
    > kernel. I was loading mine as a module since for a long time Redhat
    > was not shipping kernels with SATA built in.

    I don't agree that this is a userspace issue. It's just not sane for a
    driver to be in an unusable state for an arbitrary length of time after
    modprobe returns.

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