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SubjectRe: i830 DRM problems
Andrew Morton a écrit :
> Dave Airlie <> wrote:
>>>I am experiencing problems with DRM on my Dell Optiplex GX260.
>>>I am running a Debian Sarge with Vanilla Linux 2.6.11 and XFree 4.3.0.
>>>This one appeared while playing crack-attack and lead to a crash
>>>of the X server.
>>a) does it work with 2.6.10?
>>b) does it work if you turn off intelfb?
> afacit we're still waiting for an answer from Brice on this one?

Sorry about that, we start to talk about it in private with Dave.
But, I did not really it since Keenan Pepper told me it was due
to a bug in the XFree 4.3 driver.
I am now using Xorg and didn't see any DRM problem since.
However, I can't confirm that my bug was surely due to the XFree driver
and not to the kernel driver since Xorg uses i915 instead of i830.
Keenan, do you have details ?

I was also talking about a problem in intelfb on this box (i845G).
Basically, it works great during startup. But from what I remember, it
always crashes when switching from X to a text console.
I'll try to debug this one soon.

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