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    Subjectforkbombing Linux distributions
    The following quote is from the article "Linux Kernel Security, Again"

    "Don't get me wrong. Linux doesn't suck. But I do believe that the
    Linux kernel team (and some of the Linux distributions that are still
    vulnerable to fork bombing) need to take proactive security a little
    more seriously. I'm griping for a reason here -- things need to be

    Sure enough, I created the following script and ran it as a non-root user:

    $0 & $0 &

    and ran it on Fedora Core 3 with kernel (the box is an Athlon
    XP 2500+ Barton with 512M on an nForce2 board). The system locked up
    tighter than a drum. However... After about two minutes the system
    "unlocked" and responsiveness returned to normal. I can see where this
    would be an issue on a production system, especially if you could kick
    off a new fork bomb to continuously lock the system.

    Is this really a kernel issue? Or is there a better way in userland to
    stop this kind of crap?

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