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SubjectUndefined symbols in 2.6.11-rc5-mm1
Hi everybody, I just joined the LKML!

Don't worry, this is not just a test message, I do actually have
something to say. I just compiled 2.6.11-rc5-mm1 and got undefined
symbols "match_int", "match_octal", "match_token", and "match_strdup" in
several modules. This is using binutils 2.15 and gcc 3.4.4 from Debian.
I grepped around and found those functions in lib/parser.c, so I just
looked at the output of "make V=1" and invoked "ld" manually, adding in
lib/lib.a, and the modules work fine now. However, I don't know enough
about the kernel build process to make a patch to fix this, so I'm just
notifying people of the problem.

BTW, I just got a new hard disk and put Reiser4 on it. It works great!
Keep up the good work guys!
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