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    SubjectRe: Network speed Linux-2.6.10
    Paul Dickson wrote:
    > On Wed, 02 Mar 2005 01:02:50 +0000, Baruch Even wrote:
    >>>Might this be related to the broken BicTCP implementations in the 2.6.6+
    >>>kernels? A fix was added around 2.6.11-rc3 or 4.
    >>Unlikely, the problem with BIC would have shown itself only at high
    >>speeds over long latency links, not over a lan connection.
    > I only mentioned the possibility because I saw the same profile given by
    > the PDF (the link was mentioned in the patch) while downloading gnoppix
    > via my cable modem. The oscillations of speed varied from 40K to 500+K.
    > The average ended up around 270K. (I was using wget for the download).

    If it is indeed BIC than we have a bug where it doesn't shut itself off
    for low latencies. Since we don't test this case extensively here (we
    work to improve high-speed and just make sure we don't ruin slower
    speeds) I can't say it's impossible, try turning BIC off and see if it

    Due to the scenario that the OP gave it is more likely something to do
    with auto-detection somewhere along the way or a driver bug. It is also
    possible that I'm mistaken and it is BIC, never hurts to check.

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