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    SubjectRe: RFD: Kernel release numbering
    On Wednesday March 2, wrote:
    > Dave Jones <> wrote:
    > >
    > > So what was broken with the type of 'hotfix kernel' release ?
    > That's an alternative, of course.
    > But that _is_ a branch, and does need active forward- and (mainly)
    > backward-porting work.
    > There's nothing wrong with it per-se, but it becomes a "stabilised version
    > of the tree" or even a "production version of the
    > tree". In other words it's somewhere on the line between the mainline
    > tree and a distribution. How far along that line should it
    > be positioned?

    I think there is a case for the "community" providing the most
    "stable" kernel that it (reasonably) can without depending on
    "distributions" to do that.

    One reason is that (some) distributions are known to have released
    kernels with quite broken and unreviewed patches, or with new
    functionality that never ends up appearing in main-line for whatever
    Further, it would surely be useful for all distributions to have one
    central place that 'stablising' patches appear so they can
    pick-and-choose from them rather than each keeping their own
    independent set.

    For the kernel, I am the "distribution" for my employer and I choose
    which kernel to use, with which patches. I really don't want to hunt
    around for all those stablisation patches, or sift through the patches
    in 2.6.X+1-pre to find things to apply to 2.6.X. I would be really
    happy there was a central place where maintainers can put suitably
    reviewed "important bug fix"es for recent releases, and from where
    kernel maintainers for any distribution (official or not) could pull

    Having said that, I am not in a position to offer my services to
    maintain such a really-stable kernel branch, so I'll just cope with
    whatever is provided.

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