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    SubjectRe: 2.6.11: touchpad unresponsive
    Dmitry Torokhov wrote:

    >On Wed, 02 Mar 2005 16:55:59 +0100,
    ><> wrote:
    >>I just compiled 2.6.11 from 2.6.10 config using 'make oldconfig',
    >>activate new options to default values (i.e. set "main kernel lock
    >>preemtive" to YES).
    >>Booting X in new kernel makes my touchpad very unresponsive. I can't
    >>click any longer in the touchpad area, and the touchpad doesn't response
    >>when moving in small increments, so the whole experience is quite bad.
    >If it is identified as an ALPS touchpad you can try installing Peter
    >Osterlund's Synaptics X driver:
    >Alternatively you can restore 2.6.10 behavior with psmouse.proto=exps
    >boot option (if psmouse is a module add "options psmouse proto=exps"
    >to your /etc/modprobe.conf).
    Yes, it's an ALPS touchpad.

    Ok, I compiled latest synaptics driver (synaptics-0.14.0) under the
    following conditions
    - Enabled CONFIG_MOUSE_PS2 (already enabled)
    - Enabled CONFIG_INPUT_EVDEV (this one on purpose)

    I read README.alps so I tried patching the kernel with alps.patch as
    suggested. Looks like it didn't work because patch refused to patch
    already patched files. I gave a look at the patch and the kernel code,
    and they seem to be incompatible (maybe you need to release a newe patch).

    So I proceded without the patched kernel, installing the synaptics
    driver using INSTALL and README.alps settings.

    With plain INSTALL settings (no ALPS), the touchpad seemed responsible,
    but kind of slow. Simple or double click didn't work.

    With README.alps settings, touchpad feels a lot like in 2.6.10, thought
    the "acceleration" seems to be non-linear.
    Simple click worked BUT double-click didn't work. Horizontal/Vertical
    scroll and Click-n-Drag worked too, so I'm almost there.

    I tried to patch alps.c using the tiny patch at README.alps but that
    didn't work either as that version is clearly not designed for 2.6.10

    Thanks for your help.

    By the way, I'm using a Toshiba laptop (Toshiba Satellite A10), maybe
    you would like to add that to your supported hardware list.
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