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SubjectRe: Real-Time Preemption and RCU

* Herbert Xu <> wrote:

> Ingo Molnar <> wrote:
> >
> > i really have no intention to allow multiple readers for rt-mutexes. We
> > got away with that so far, and i'd like to keep it so. Imagine 100
> > threads all blocked in the same critical section (holding the read-lock)
> > when a highprio writer thread comes around: instant 100x latency to let
> > all of them roll forward. The only sane solution is to not allow
> > excessive concurrency. (That limits SMP scalability, but there's no
> > other choice i can see.)
> What about allowing only as many concurrent readers as there are CPUs?

since a reader may be preempted by a higher prio task, there is no
linear relationship between CPU utilization and the number of readers
allowed. You could easily end up having all the nr_cpus readers
preempted on one CPU. It gets pretty messy.

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