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SubjectRe: [RFC/Patch 0/12] ACPI based root bridge hot-add
On Fri, 18 Mar 2005 13:38:57 -0800, Rajesh Shah wrote:

> Here is a series of patches to support ACPI hot-add of a root bridge
> hierarchy. The added hierarchy may contain other p2p bridges and end/leaf
> I/O devices too. The root bridge itself is assumed to have been assigned
> resource ranges, but the p2p bridges and end devices are not required to
> be initialized by firmware. Most of the code changes are to make the
> existing code flows suitable for such a hierarchy of bridges & devices.
> This code supports hot-add on ia64 only for now.It does not yet support
> I/O APIC hot-add, which is needed to make this fully functional. The
> patches are against 2.6.11-mm4 (plus the patch needed for ia64 to boot).
> I've tested to make sure this does not break end/leaf device hotplug on
> the hotplug capable ia64 box I have.
> Thanks,
> Rajesh

Does this mean that when it will be ported for i386, I will be able to
really use my Docking Station ?
Does it rescan the DSDT to find new additions to ACPI devices ?

I have an IBM docking station with a PCI bus inside and some other
devices, and when I hot plug my IBM ThinkPad T41 in it, it does not
recognize those devices. Only if I boot in dock they are usable.
And the DSDT is different if I boot in dock or not.
So I wander if this patch would help me to hot plug my T41 in the dock and
all devices will be recognized. (when the patch will be for i386 too)


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