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    SubjectRe: Raid-6 hang on write.
    On Tuesday March 1, wrote:
    > Neil Brown wrote:
    > >
    > > Could you please confirm if there is a problem with
    > > 2.6.11-rc4-bk4->bk10
    > >
    > > as reported, and whether it seems to be the same problem.
    > Ok.. are we all ready? I had applied your development patches to all my vanilla 2.6.11-rc4-*
    > kernels. Thus they all exhibited the same problem in the same way as -mm1. <Smacks forehead against
    > wall repeatedly>

    Thanks for following through with this so we know exactly where the
    problem is ... and isn't. And admitting your careless mistake in
    public is a great example to all the rest of us who are too shy to do
    so - thanks :-)

    > Oh well, at least we now know about a bug in the -mm patches.

    Yes, and very helpful to know it is. Thanks again.

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