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SubjectRe: move-accounting-function-calls-out-of-critical-vm-code-paths.patch
Selon Jay Lan <>:

> CSA is currently implemented as a loadable module. I think ELSA is the
> same, right? The use of the enhanced accounting data collection
> code is not in the kernel tree. That was why Andrew did not see usage of
> the accounting patches. Should i propose to include the CSA module in
> the kernel then, Andrew? :)

In fact there is a module in ELSA but it's just to keep a trace of the processes
hierarchy in order to do processes group management and process group
accounting in user space.

The process group management is done by a user space daemon and the process
group accounting is done by a user space application that computes information
provided by BSD-per process accounting and/or CSA accounting with information
provided by the user space daemon.

Thus currently there is a module that relays information about forks but I'm
working on a kobject_uevent solution to send the fork event (thanks to Andrew
for the suggestion).

Thus, I will be interesting to see CSA module in the kernel.


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