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SubjectRe: Re: Reading Bad DVD Under 2.6.10 freezes the box.
Yeah, I can try 2.4.29 later tonight; also, the DVD is not scratched, just 
formatted with Joilet/ISO instead of UDF (which is what should be used on

However, dd if=/dev/hdh of=file.img
Even with bs=1 for 1 byte at a time, there seems to be no way to
get the data off, however...

With the dd, last time I tried it, it just fails.
When I use cp to try and copy the file, it freezes the machine.

This is all under 2.6.10 with a Toshiba 16X DVD-ROM (I can get model
number later.)

On Mon, 7 Feb 2005, Xavier Bestel wrote:

> Le lundi 07 février 2005 à 08:05 -0500, linux-os a écrit :
>>> Main Question >> Why does Linux 'freeze up' when W2K gives a BadCRC error msg
>>> (never freezes)?
>> Of course it should not. However, there were many incomplete changes
>> made in 2.6.nn and some may involve problems with locking, etc.
> I don't remember a version of the kernel gracefully handling scratched
> Xav
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