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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Re: msdos/vfat defaults are annoying
Am 2005-02-07 09:47:09, schrieb Pozsár Balázs:

> See? I _have_ that patch applied, that's why it tried vfat and not msdos
> first.

With this, you will nerver mount a Filesystem "msdos".

Because "vfat" IS "msdos" + "lfn".

You can attach to ALL "msdos" media "lfn" and you will have "vfat".

> Granted, I could override the default order by using a /etc/filesystems
> file. But the kernel should have a much more sane default on its own,
> namely "try vfat before msdos".

This will give many errors here at work...


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