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    SubjectRe: out-of-line x86 "put_user()" implementation

    * Linus Torvalds <> wrote:

    > I no longer use x86 as my main machine, so this patch is totally
    > untested. I've compiled it to see that things look somewhat sane, but
    > that doesn't mean much. If I forgot some register or screwed something
    > else up, this will result in a totally nonworking kernel, but I
    > thought that maybe somebody else would be interested in looking at
    > whether this (a) works, (b) migth even shrink the kernel and (c) might
    > make us able to DTRT wrt the page table following crud (old i386 cores
    > may be hard to find these days, so maybe people don't care).

    boots fine and shrinks the image size quite noticeably:

    [Nr] Name Type Addr Off Size
    [ 1] .text PROGBITS c0100000 001000 2771a9 [vmlinux-orig]
    [ 1] .text PROGBITS c0100000 001000 2742dd [vmlinux-patched]

    that's 11980 bytes off a 2585001 bytes .text, a 0.5% size reduction.
    This patch we want ...

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