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SubjectRe: [ATTN: Dmitry Torokhov] About the trackpad and 2.6.11-rc[23] but not -rc1
From Dmitry Torokhov on Monday, 07 February, 2005:
>On Mon, 7 Feb 2005 12:09:50 -0600, Joseph Pingenot
><> wrote:
>> From Dmitry Torokhov on Monday, 07 February, 2005:
>> >Nonetheless it would be nice to see the data stream from the touchpad
>> >to see why our ALPS support does not work quite right. Could you
>> >please try booting with "log_buf_len=131072 i8042.debug=1", and
>> >working the touchpad a bit. then send me the output of "dmesg -s
>> >131072" (or just /var/log/messages).
>> dmesg output, non-mouse output trimmed (for obvious reasons, if you think
>> about it ;) is attached.
>I am sorry, I was not clear enough. I'd like to see -rc2 (the broken
>one), complete with bootup process, so we will see why it can't
>synchronize at all. (I of course don't need keyboard data of anything
>that has been typed after boot).

They're both broken in about the same way, iirc. Is there something special
in -rc2 that's not in -rc3?


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