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SubjectRe: [PATCH] PPC/PPC64: Introduce CPU_HAS_FEATURE() macro
On Sünnavend 05 Februar 2005 02:34, Anton Blanchard wrote:
> Interesting :) However we already get bug reports with the current
> CONFIG_POWER4_ONLY option. I worry about adding more options that users
> could get wrong unless there is a noticeable improvement in performance.
The patch that I posted doesn't add any new user selectable options,
it only limits the supported CPUs to the ones that are available on
the supported platforms. If you select powermac or maple, the only
supported CPU will be PowerPC970, so the C compiler can optimize away
all runtime checks for CPU features.

I don't expect much noticeable performance advantage from the patch,
but it allows to make some of the source code nicer. E.g. you can
replace every instance of '#ifdef CONFIG_ALTIVEC' with 'if
(CPU_FTR_POSSIBLE & CPU_FTR_ALTIVEC)' or an inline function wrapping

Arnd <><
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