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    SubjectProblem with trackpad and 2.6.11-rc[23], but not -rc1

    I just tried (again) to get the most recent kernel version working on my
    laptop. All is clear except for one small detail: the trackpad and mouse
    buttons don't work. When using the eraser mouse, it moves around fine.
    When using the trackpad, the cursour jumps around as though it were using
    the wrong protocol. Additionally, the mousebuttons either have no effect
    or cause the mouse to suddenly jump left. The kernel log has tons of error
    messages (attached).
    This behavior started occurring in 2.6.11-rc2; it works fine in 2.6.11-rc1.
    The behaviour here was listed with software suspend 2, but when I was
    testing it with -rc2, no software suspend patches were applied and I still
    saw the behavior.
    Pertinent log data and config attached.

    Graduate Student in Physics, Freelance Free Software Developer
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